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The Student bouncil of biology (BÄR for short) is a section within UTN that represents all biology students at the Biology education centre (IBG) at Uppsala university. BÄR is your best friend during your years as a biology student!

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Committee for Bio-days 2022 partially appointedmore_vert

access_time 22 Jun Read more
Committee for Bio-days 2022 partially appointedclose The committee who will be responsible for Bio-days 2022 has now partially been appointed:Project manager: Elin PerssonVice Project manager: Ludvig WikmanBusiness manager #1: Ida-Caroline HurtigBusiness manager #2: VacantMarketing manager: Sofie BygdénEvent manager: VacantThere are still two vacant positions. If you're interested in applying send an email to [email protected] Read More

BÄR is looking for a committee for Bio-days 2022more_vert

access_time 19 May Read more
BÄR is looking for a committee for Bio-days 2022close To make sure that Bio-days becomes an annual event, BÄR is now appointing a committee for Bio-days 2022! Follow the Facebook-event for updates. You can read more here! Read More

Phasing out the student portalmore_vert

access_time 01 May Read more
Phasing out the student portalclose The student portal is being phased out, and information that used to be sent out through the student portal will now be sent out through Ladok. This means that it's vital that you have the correct email address registered in Ladok, so please make sure that this is the case. If you don't have a correct email on Ladok you will miss important information. Read More

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