Bio-days is a newly started work fair for biology students at Uppsala University. Our ambition is to create several events where you as a student get the opportunity to gain insight into working life and make contacts with companies and other employers.

Bio-days will take place on 17/5–22/5 2021 (week 20) and this year it is completely digital. You can among other things look forward to interesting lectures, exciting competitions and much more. To keep track of what is happening, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@biodagarna).

If you have any questions or represent a company that wants to participate in Bio-days, you can contact us in the committee by email: [email protected]

The people behind the Bio-days

Project manager
Desirée Kristensson

Event manager
Marianne Nymark

Vice project manager and financially responsible
Emmy Sköld

Marketing manager
Clara Jonsson

Business manager
Sona Hakhverdyan